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Levent Abi yine patlattı arkadan “timsahlara dokunmam, ebegümeci to1#Ära±m&l822p;Macit (a.k.a. “The Flamethrower”) ciÄŸim bu arada bi an ölmeyeceÄŸini ve yeterince sargı depoladığını sandım ama yanılmışım.

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Comment by Jock

How to Stage a Blog Topic Prison Brk;e&#8230aWe all feed on each other’s ideas. In hip hop it’s call biting. We take someone else’s beat, copy it, and twist it up just a little bit. Every now and again, somebody comes up with something new. But the drive to publish often encourages phoning it in …

Posted 15 days ago

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